24/7 Security and Network Operations Center

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24/7 Security and Network Operations Center (MSP | MSSP)

Our 24/7 Security and Network Operations Center has 3 around the clock human shifts to cover monitoring for all of your core IT infrastructure services.

We use specialized AI models for many of our services and one central AI model that powers our SIEM solution to perform state of the art security detections from multiple sources capable of performing near real-time forensic event analysis no matter the vendor vendor or brand of your core IT infrastructure services.

With the perimeter gone in today’s cyber security landscape we have the tools to take control of every element of your modern business and ensure the safety of your data and the health of your daily operations so that you can focus on your bottom line.

  • Deep network inspection and promiscuous packet monitoring.
  • Network Device Discovery and Mapping.
  • Indicators of Compromised Devices.
  • IoT monitoring.
  • Unauthorized actor detection.
  • SNMP Network Monitoring.
  • Bot Net, Malware, Data Exfiltration and Virus network activity detection.
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  • SysLog activity monitoring.
  • WMI auditing.
  • Active Directory deep inspection and monitoring.
  • Admin Change control.
  • Credential Monitoring.
  • Pre-Ransomware activity detection.
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  • Phishing, Zero-Day Phising and 3rd Party Brand Impersonation Detection.
  • AI Language model analysis to detect VIP impersonation detections and Third Party Brand forgeries.
  • Malicious Insider detection using machine learning and social graphing to identify suspicions e-mail traffic that does not match a normal business activity profile.
  • Deep inspection of Malicious Files and Links.
  • Friendly warnings to your users in the way of simple banners.
  • Easy single-click reporting back to our SOC for human analysis, no complicated service tickets needed.
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  • Monitoring for any form of public cloud, AWS, Azure, Google, Rack Space, etc.
  • We track malicious admin changes to your cloud tenancies.
  • Unauthorized Delegated Access creations.
  • Impossible Travel Logins.
  • Foreign Logins from suspicious or unusual countries that don’t typically access your data.
  • Failed access attempt tracking and active defense from coordinated brute force attacks on your private cloud environment.
  • MFA change detection to detect when a user’s MFA setup has been altered.
  • Supicious E-Mail notification forwarding detection.
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  • Next Generation EDR (Extended Detction and Response) anti-virus system powered by machine learning and neural networks.
  • Malware and Ransomware detection.
  • Continuously trained AI threat intelligence against Zero-Day and APT attacks.
  • Prevent attackers from using 0-click fileless attacks.
  • Protects remote workers from attacks coming from home and public networks.
  • Malicious script control prevents attackers from executing complex attack scripts.
  • Deep file heuristics and process modeling.
  • Does not slow down your operations.
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  • Continuous Vulnerability Scans on all network connected devices, servers, workstations, switches, firewalls, access points, voip phones, CCTV equipment, etc.
  • Continuous and Managed pen-testing from different vectors.
  • Managed resolution of all vulnerability detections in conjunction with your other IT vendors, consultants or IT management employees.
  • Legal Compliance management for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, CFRp11, FTC and other compliance framework models including periodic Risk Assessment Reports.
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  • SIEM = Security Information and Event Management.
  • Analysis with 3 around the clock human shifts monitoring all of the above solutions.
  • Completely managed solution requires 0 know-how from the customer.
  • RIZQ takes care of everything for your organization.
  • We provide the compliance and executive summary reports to management, governing bodies, third party business associates or any other party of interest.
  • Having the full stack of our SOC services provides your institution with a Cyber Security Breach Warranty.
  • With RIZQ on your side you can ensure the highest level of coverage from your Cyber Edge Security Insurance broker and sleep soundly knowing your data is safe and protected from harm.
  • On-Prem and Cloud backup and replication.
  • Return to Operations from any form of disaster in a mater of minutes. Capable of deploying server and workstation workloads on-premise or on a private cloud.
  • Managed disaster recovery process testing and validation with full compliance reporting.
  • Fully inmutable and automated backup solution prevents hackers from encrypting your data in the event of a ransomware attack. Never have to pay a ransom even in the event of a successful breach.
  • Up to Infinite data retention available to comply to SOX, PCI, HIPAA, CFRp11, FTC compliance regulations.
  • Backup cloud data from popular public cloud services such as M365 and Google Workspaces and AWS.
  • Remotely monitor and manage all of your servers, workstations and devices.
  • Managed vulnerability and patch maintenance.
  • Central management for all your devices.
  • Help Desk support services both on-prem and remote powered by local employees.
  • Managed event remediation.

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